Full Time Commercial Management Services. The Shields to Gourock Project (OHL renewal and maintenance) was a 26 mile section of track that was being both upgraded and refurbished to current standards with the normal train operating timetable being maintained to alleviate disruption to the operators.

The contract consisted of two sections those being the renewal of the overhead lines and refurbishment works to overhead gantry and support structures, etc.

The contract was based on M/F 1 (Rev 3 1988) as amended by Network Rail Clause 56 amendments. Sectional completion applies to the Renewal and Refurbishment Works.

IAA was appointed in March 2008 some 36 months from the commencement of a 2 year contract.

IAA were required to carry out a full interrogation of the contract costs and value to that date inclusive of all internal , supplier and sub-contractor costs etc. and it was established that not all entitlements had been recovered through the conditions of contract.

IAA overhauled the cost report (introduced realistic forecasts for both expected final value and expenditure for the project), applied for extensions of time, re-visited variations and updated a previously submitted final account presentation.

IAA developed the final account strategy for resolution of the project which was implemented by Babcock Rail.

Subcontract Value: £10.15m

Final Account Value: £14.5m